This week I working on the TCP network performance. I needed to collect the data and make a graph for analyzing purposes.  I had collected 15 samples for each RX and TX pin, which buffer size range from 100 to 1900. I have created a large dummy file to test the performance of RX pin. By using netcat, I keep sending the data to the pin and it returns the speed of each second.

After finishing the data collecting part, I have create total three graphs. The first one is the the comparison of original data, of buffer size versus TCP speed. It can be seen that the graph has a trend of in exponential decay(increasing form). The error bars were included to show the deviation of each sample size. Both of them have small deviation percentage, but the TX pin deviate greater compare with RX.


The second if the best fit curve, produced by using the logarithm method.

Best Fit

The last one is the linear regression graph, which is used to make value prediction.

LN Regression

Thats the end of the task, and the same time it was the last week of internship in Aeste. It was a great experience since I was able to learn so much from here. However, everything has the ending, and my journey in Aeste also come to the end. Good Bye, Aeste.


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