First day of work already got scolded by the Boss, “Another two useless Intern!”, “Call Rodney now,” “I’m thinking whether to fired you 2 now, cause i won’t lose anything”, “simple things also cannot do”, “if you don’t understand read more lah, I give you all so much time and you still cannot finish it”, “WHY!!, explain to me WHY!”, and I diam diam only XD, “I give you 1week time to finish everything and follow everything from the senior intern that you are going to take over”. Hahahaha really EPIC! But anyway what he say is true, so no choice but to study really hard this week @@~ But in general (from my first week perspective)[it might change when i reach the end of my intern] i think the Boss is ok, just a bit strict and easily explode.

Talking about the things i learn this week: As usual for all intern here, we learn how to use GIT and GIT FLOW, really hands down for the creater of GIT makes our life so much easier. Next, I tried to learn as much as possible from Ryan (the senior intern that’s going to pass me his project), and I’m really surprise about PIC18F97J60 is pretty powerful eventhough it is such a small and simple chip but capable of doing a lot of task/things. I basically use 3days to absorb everything Ryan did (ranging from simple LED to EEPROM using SPI then FPGA initialization[but cannot be tested] lastly HTTP request from terminal/server] but still haven fully grasp the whole working princple. And i ended this week with a really awesome lecture about intellectual property given by the Boss. A really interesting topic about Patent, Copyright/Copyleft, Trademark, Open Software and Free Software, GNU, BSD, GPL. Never really understood those term and today I know, which is really cool~

Lastly about the weeks that’s going to come, I basically know the general picture about the things i need to do and the time limit is 2months (however the Boss actually said he can finish it within 1 to 2weeks!!) feel kinda stupid in front of him, but well….. at the least I’m still young and healthy to be able to learn things and i guess i need be mentally prepared for the coming week where he will suddenly explode and say I am stupid.




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