Another week has passed in AESTE and although Dr Shawn was not around for the time but there was no lacking in my learning curve. My senior interns (Sumia, KY and Islam) had always tried to pass down the knowledge they have earned throughout. I am more than blessed to have them around to guide me through and allow me to learn through their experience I must admit, it is still quite a lot to absorb all together. I think I am getting a better grip at witty and git now that I’m having a hands-on practice while making the application I was assigned to make. Git in everyday use is quite useful. It is more like a time machine for codes. It is fascinating me at every step. It really takes time for an idea to be implemented through codes and even when you get a grip of things, for a developer/engineer/programmer it can never be complete- there will always be bugs and you can always add features to improve. A lesson I have learned while working on the application.

Before I carry on further with my week, I just want to clarify a portion of my last blog, witty (Wt) is a library of C++ language. Hope everyone gets the concept right.

For as long as I had used internet, I had taken “http”, at the beginning of every url, for granted to be used as a mere formality.  This week I read up about this actually being a bridge between servers and clients and how its protocols are being used. Moreover, I have learned about WResouce (handleRequest, handle,  how to incorporate css styles into witty codes, more about widgets and containers, the concept of approot and docroot. As I have mentioned, it is a lot to absorb but I am getting the idea of coding and that’s what makes me happy. 

Since I have read only access to the repository, it allowed me to clone its git files and refer to codes used. I had relatable examples to learn from other than just simple exercises.  I will be taking over Sumia’s part in the project now that she’s gone. I think there will still be a lot more to learn in the coming days. 

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Nana Patekar · 2015-09-08 at 10:22

Excellent blog. Well written with simple & concise words and to the point. Kudos to the person who proofread your blog. He/She must be an awesome person.

Sin Wei · 2015-09-08 at 16:15

An excellent blog about your work experience. Very professionaly written.

Sin Wei

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