I still can’t buy the fact that this is my last time to write an official blog as AESTE intern. Yes! If you haven’t figured it out yet… I’m the type of person who hates all the goodbye thing. 🙁
I do still remember my first blog I wrote, my first days at AESTE and how nervous I was. All these memories seem like just yesterday. Time really went by so fast, almost twenty eight weeks I spent here in AESTE in which I learned a lot and I discovered a lot also about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. And now I’m here today to put an end to this wonderful chapter of my life. Hmm… Any way I’ll try to pull myself together and continue with this blog in which I’ll try to summarize my whole experience as AESTE intern.

Final Work

Although some work still left behind, Dr. Shawn asked us to stop coding and start documenting what we have been doing in those 7 months. So for the past week and the upcoming week we will be basically working on that. Moreover, as a final contribution we will be writing witty tutorials in which we will try to put the whole experience we got from developing the web application using this library on such simple tutorials that hopefully will help some people out there.

Unfinished work

For my part, there is some feature that is not completed yet. The auto-completion for the code editor still needs some kind of enhancement. The basic functionality is there but still some working must be done. For example, now the widget will pop out with the suggestion and if the user enter some letters the suggestion will decrease to show all the words that match the letters the user enters but when he choose the completion he wants the old letters will not be removed and both the old letters and the completion word will be there.
Moreover, the problem of showing the error when two objects or more have the same ID is still there.

My internship Journey

The journey in general was really fruitful, I had the chance to explore the web development world as for almost the whole period I was working on developing the web application of the project. I touched also a little bit on chip design. I didn’t go deeper in this world but at least I got the basic knowledge from which I can start my own journey of development in the future insha allah . 😀
You can refer to my past blog posts to get more details about this journey. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Final words

At the end, this whole experience was totally unique. I had always questioned the decision I made of coming to continue my study here in Malaysia but after this internship I would definitely say the whole experience is really worth it.
Thanks a lot to Dr. Shawn for letting me have such a remarkable experience. Thanks to my colleagues Islam, Khai Yong and all others for being there in the good and bad times.
I still feel that there’s a lot I want to talk about regarding this period but maybe I’ll leave it for the personal blog I’ll start soon 😀 😀 .

P.S: Dr. Shawn, If you have ever wondered why the MILO finish so fast… heheeh that because of me (2 packets per day). * My final confession

GoodBye all and Stay blessed

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