Although this was not my final week (my next week is), yet this is my final blog. As next week we will be working on something different (writing tutorials), I wanted this blog to be my goodbye letter. 29 weeks are over, during which, I learned a lot, I worked a lot, I’ve got scolded A LOT, and, although now I regret it, I got into disputes with my “mentor” a lot.

I am really sad that it is over now. I don’t think of it as an internship only, but rather a very rich experience that has definitely changed my life in so many ways that I wouldn’t have imagined before I stared. In all honesty, I think that Dr. Shawn is one of the most important people that I’ve ever met. He complaint that when he comes to office he can’t get any work done because I keep asking him questions, which most of the time are not related to the work we are doing. I did ask many questions because I just wanted to listen to him. I’ve enjoyed listening to what he says as he advises us or tells us one of his stories. If you are an intern reading this, please appreciate the great guy that you are working for, and ask him lots of questions about anything and just listen to him. He will change the way you think about many things. I read almost all his blogs (the old and the new ones), I kept an eye on his Instagram and twitter accounts, I watched his videos on YouTube, and I even checked the company website using The Wayback Machine to see what the website looked like throughout the years. I am not a stalker :D, just an eager learner.

Before this internship, I was planning that I will not continue to be an engineer, and that the moment I graduate, I will be done with EE for good. I planned on studying economics and law and on becoming an entrepreneur. Well, now my vision of becoming an entrepreneur is stronger than ever, and I am still planning on studying law and economics, but finally I was able to see that I can still be an engineer (and a great one for that matter), at the same time. During this internship, I have undergone the transformation from a student to an engineer. Before this, I was living in a bubble believing that it is still impossible for me to create something that is actually useful, and that people might pay money for. I am now able to see that with a little hard work I can create something valuable. Aeste has been my incubator and now I can fly, leaving the nest.

I have met many great people as well during these 29 weeks. Leo, Tze hao, Elora, Khai Yong, Zheng Yi, Jon Mun, Soon Keat (or Rayan as we call him), and recently, Maisha Samiha and Zhi Wei. Of course, I can’t forget Sumia, the girl I didn’t really know until this internship. I learned from each and every one of them. We talked about almost anything from technical stuff, tech stuff, computers and Linux, all the way to politics, and religion. We laughed together, hangde out outside the office together and sang together hehe. I hope we always stay in touch after this.

I am not good with goodbyes, and normally I don’t know what to say when I am leaving. I just hope that this will not be my last blog on this site (excluding the tutorials of course). Therefore, instead of saying goodbye, I will say talk to you next time, one more time 🙂

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