A New Chapter

With minimum expectation and completely blind faith I had arrived at AESTE for the beginning of my internship of 12 weeks. Just to give a background, before I proceed with my blog, I am a Bangladeshi student studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Malaysia and I have been here for 3 years now. It was important to mention as it is very rare for people to encounter Bangladeshi, that too a girl, studying Engineering in Malaysia. Getting back to my first day, I was greeted by a wonderful smiley face, another intern, Sumia. She made me feel warm, welcome and instantly a part of the place. I knew then, no matter, what I face, what I go through, it will all be okay at the end and I will come out a stronger, better and, definitely, smarter person.

Gradually all the interns showed up one by one and were all greeted like I was one of them. After Dr Shawn arrived, he explained me how things work around in AESTE.  For the first two days I was assigned to understand and practice git, which is a powerful yet sophisticated system for distributed version control. Having very little programming knowledge it took me quite a bit of effort to actually get through all 50+ tutorials but with everyone helping you understand, it formed quite a good picture in my head. For any confusion I was allowed to ask any intern working on it before me but the work was very much like how I was informed clearly that most of the work is independent. We are put in a situation where we have figure a way out of the problems encountered, which I am assuming will help me in the long run. Once I was done with git I was asked to learn up about git flow, which is a method of how the codes are managed and develop when working in a team.

Gathering all the knowledge I could, I had more new things to learn, namely wt (pronounced as witty). It is language based on C++ which is to be used in the project I am assigned. I will be taking over projects that are being worked on by previous interns. Currently I am asked to program a simple application using witty by the following week. Lets see how that goes.

I am quite amazed at how many new things I have learned in just a week. The leaf from student life to a working adult is vast but I am embracing the change with a brave face. Although I have still no idea what to expect in the upcoming days, I hope I can give back to the company and gain as much knowledge and experience in return and finally overcome my weakness in programming. Looking forward to great 11 weeks ahead.


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