My task was to include all the request method to allow users to interface with the web server. Inside the demo code of microchip TCPIP, there was a flow of state machine to receive and response the request. By modifying and inserting the request method, a simple receive request and return response program can be performed.  This was tested by using the telnet to send the commands, for example OPTION / HTTP/1.1.

After finishing the simple receive and response task, I had to make the request methods follow the operation stated by Dr. Shawn. Firstly I needed to design a state machine workflow to flow the stated operation. Next, I just need to insert the proper response and do some testing to ensure the process run properly.

To make the program to interface with firmware, I tried to insert the codes that I wrote before, like SPI communication and USART. However, there were errors to insert the code. I checked on it found that the problem is because the MPLAB failed to call some of the functions of the C18 libraries. The C18 libraries can be included, and the defines worj properly, but just some functions unable to be found.

I google searched and found that in microchip forum there are some similar cases. However, there were no good solutions but only propose lots of possible reasons of the problem. Lastly, I just copy the functions that cannot being called inside the C18 library and paste it in the code. By using this method, I was able to perform the operations but further testing is required to ensure no hidden errors.


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