This week I continue on the working of SPI. The main problem is the writing through the page border of EEPROM. To write across the page, it is required to resend the write command and assigned new address. Firstly, I wrote a code that will keep refresh the address inside a for loop whenever the address reached the page border.

After finishing and testing the code, I asked Dr. Shawn for review. He told me there is a problem on my way of writing the for loop, which generates too much of unnecessary operation and slow down the process. He guided me some proper ways to write a more efficient code and same time explain the reasons behind. The knowledge is very beneficial to me and it is something that I never learned before.

Based on the guidance of Dr. Shawn, I rewrote a new code which is far more efficiency and same time made some changes on the function. The next task Dr. Shawn assigned to me is to program the fpga thought the USART. It is something new to me and I ended up to read the datasheet for fpga Spartan 6 to understand the protocols. However, the progress is not very satisfied. Hopefully I’ll be able to solve the fpga challenge next week.

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