On 29 June 2015, I started the first week of my internship programme at Aeste. On the first day, my supervisor Dr. Shawn introduced the workplace and gave me a short brief of the task. Next, he guided me on how to login to system and access to the necessary websites. After that, Dr.Shawn invited me and another two new interns to lunch. During the lunch time, Dr. Shawn shared a lot of his precious experiences and useful information on final year projects, master studies and etc. This is absolutely inspiring for our future planning as well as decision making.

The first task of Dr. Shawn assigned to me is the learning of the git and git flow. In fact, I have never thinking about using of the version control system since I thought it is unnecessary. However, the further I learned the software, the more I understand the advantages of using it. The learning progress is difficult, since I am not familiar with Git and Linux operating system. Fortunately, Dr Shawn provided some useful links and documents, which really ease the learning process.

The next task is blinking of LED on the PICDEM.net2 development board. The coding is not difficult but I have to spend most of the time to learn the MPLAB and upload the code to the board. Unlike the PIC C Complier I learned before, MPLAD lacks of complete libraries like delay and LCD to perform the work. Besides that, the google sources of PICDEM.net2 are not much. However, after more reading and searching eventually I was able to perform some simple task such as LED blinking and buttons control.

After that, I need to write a code to perform communication of UART. It is the hardest part of this week because I had no experience of using microcontroller RS232. Hence, I just can do lots of reading to get broader understanding of UART as well as searching of necessary libraries and examples. This roughly concludes the things that I had done in the first week and I really hope that I am able to perform the UART communication as soon as possible.


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