Hi, nice to meet you all. Before I start writing my post, I have to say that this is actually the first blog post in my life. Guess I’m the type who likes to keep my thoughts and stories in the mind rather than putting them in words (well, writing in the brain is indeed faster than typing it out, just what I feel). I cannot imagine that my first blog will be something that is engineering-related! Normally I will be the one reading others’ post and blog, and never have I thought that I’ll be writing one myself, thus do bear with my first post and the upcoming ones, hope you will find something useful here. .

Alright, so I’ve started my internship here in Aeste Works on Monday, 29/6/2015 and I really have to say that the subject-matter here (which is more to electronics, microprocessor and etc) is not directly related to my course of study, Photonic Engineering. Basically it is about the study, research and development of light particle, photon (thus the naming of photonic; not about taking photos! Although, well, photography does involve the manipulation of light). Photonic Engineering involves LEDs, lasers, fibre optics, solar panels, optical amplifier and many more. It is quite an emerging and promising technology, which hopefully, will soon redefine how computers function. For those who may not have heard about it, try Mr Google and the first website https://www.sokanu.com/careers/photonics-engineer/ will summarise it quite well. This field is more developed in foreign countries in terms of research area, while in Malaysia, it is more towards application at the moment, and research is still under growing stage (only my opinion, not statistically proven though).

During the first day, after some introduction and procedures, I had lunch with my supervisor, Dr Shawn and the other new interns like me. Dr Shawn shared some of his stories with us and how the company was started. I’m actually quite inspired by his knowledge and eagerness to learn new things. He is one of the few people in engineering field whom I’ve met who knows the subject-matter of their profession very well.

The first few days were about exploring the powerful tool, Git just like any other interns who have worked here before. To people who uses Windows most of the time like myself, using Git does take a little bit more time to get used to, and no doubt it gives a feeling like going back stone age, as most of the time is dealing with typing commands and looking at the not-so-fancy terminal interface. However it is still worth learning such a useful tool for developers. The remaining of the week was to start on my task which is to build a Hello World plugin. Talking about plugins, I believe that most of the ordinary computer users would have used at least one plugin before, just like those plugin for browser and so on. Using a plugin doesn’t require much knowledge, however, developing one is totally another story, especially for people like me who did not learn about it before and certainly have not done it before. This once again taught me that to talk and envision about something is very much easier than to actually do and turn it into a reality. Thus we must really respect those developers who made our favourite apps and softwares function, despite of some bugs or laggy experience that we may have experienced, we would not have simply condemned or complained about it if we have known the hard work and effort behind them that only people with extreme determination can put in. After doing tons of reading and scanning, there was some brief idea about plugin, how it works and how it’s developed

Unknowingly, I guess the first post has been quite long, thanks for reading it until this point. This generally sums up the first week of internship. I remember vividly my high school teacher loved to tell us that “Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied”, it is definitely not a coincidence in the fact that we are gifted to be good at something naturally, maybe we have our part to do to let others excel in it too more easily and spread the knowledge. Thus I hope that I can have necessary guidance and patience in the future, as the work here is truthfully fresh and new to me. I believe everyone hopes to have conducive, enjoyable and yet productive environment around them everyday. Do leave me some comments about anything at all, I’m open to any constructive opinions. Thanks. God bless.


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