This is the first week internship in Aeste Work (M) Sdn. Bhd.. The first day, Dr Shawn introduced the project background to us and I will work on the operating system of the project. The first and second day, I am practicing on using GIT tool for programming. GIT able to manage and record progression of programming during development period. For example, GIT can track files created in the folder. The amended file can commit using GIT with description from time to time. This allow programmer recorded the changes. Besides that, GIT can revert the file base on the commit timeline. GIT also can compare the differences between commits. Tag can be added to the commit instead of using the hash code produced. Few branches can be created to differentiate the coding purposes. GIT is a good tool when working in team. It can upload files and progress to the website. Other team members can retrieve the files and progress directly from the website.

On the following days, I am explored to the RTOS. The first 3 slides are giving description on RTOS. OS is a platform to manage the processes flow between hardware and application. Whereby, Contiki is an example of RTOS. Contiki is a open source code in C language which can be used to manage multi-tasking processes. It is designed for memory constrained system. The protothread system used able to save memory and giving the nice control the the processes. These few days, I had do explored on the source code and application using Contiki system.


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