Well, I have finally finished the back bone of the back end. For the generation part, a certificate signing request is firstly being generated and being verified by the root certificate or another verified certificate. The certificate is then stored within folders which has certificate’s email name to ease the process of searching the certificates by searching the email.

The certificates could then be revoked and then be placed in a separate “revoked” folder so that the search engine does not need to search through certificates which are already revoked. The revoked certificates would then update the certificate revocation list (CRL) in the demoCA folder which is being set as a default situated in the appRoot. The certificates could then be renewed using the command line by replacing the certificate signing request (CSR)  with a new one and then sign it with  another root certificate.  The searching part however lists down the certificates by the name of the folders in the approot which contains their emails.

This coming week, I would changing all of the hard coding of the paths in the program and replace it with one which could be interchangeable when being run on different operating system. I would also be changing the search application to one which only responses to the request search to verify whether a particular certificate exists.


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