This week I have focused on the part of generating a certificate out of the input passed by the front end ie the email and the number of days before the certificate has expired. The post request is firstly processed to separate the number of days and email from the string using stringstream. Then the common name required for the certificate input would be extracted from the email. The other subjects required for the certificate would be set into default. The subjects are passed into a stream and piped into the certificate generating command line. I do face some problem with the processing of the email as I pass them into a variable, the email would be translated into a weird form which I have yet to identify and also the string of the days would be added on with some other number. These would be the problems which I would be tackling in the coming week.

For the listing part, I had tried the iteration method to excess all of the files in the approot() identify whether the regular files are considered certificates and also excess their respective subjects. After my supervisor gave me some old fashion scolding only had I realized that the idea was absurd and tried to list down the files by the input of the front end search engine instead of just responding all of them out at once. This would also require me to name the files by their respective email as it is much easier to identify these files by name instead of excessing them all. Plus, the other recommendation is to put those which are already revoked into a separate folder to make the search of files much more organized and efficient.

My most recent version of it list the certificate based on the email filename and also response out the expiry date of the certificate so that the user could make the decision of renewing it.



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