As in the past week, I have been trying to advance the features of listing the certificate as well as combining it to the front end. Previously, the listing of the certificates could only list down the names of the certificate files without accessing them. Currently, my biggest concern is of accessing the approot from my WResource. It often leads on to a segmentation fault. Previously, accessing it would not be much of a problem by using the WApplication::appRoot() and also while I am accessing it from the other header files of the same project. I have tried to access it from other folders and also using WApplication class to access it. It may sound disappointing but I will still try to find a way of accessing the approot and also deepen my understanding of segmentation fault.

Apart from that, I also list down the subjects within a certificate using openssl command line and then store those information within their respective text files and then pass the contents of the text files into a vector string which will store the information required by the front end. The reason is to simplify the work of the front end of extracting information from one response rather than a multiple of them.

For the next week, I would try to perfect the certificate generation program by adding its resource to the server and also make it respond to the post request made by the front end.



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