Finding information for revoke and renew certificate.

I have checked the web and found the revoke command in this website have useful openssl commands.
I have also discover the command line for renewal of certificate in this website. According to this blog, to renew a certificate, we must revoke the expired certificate 1st and renamed the request of certificate to be signed and this will renew the certificate with a different file name. But unfortunately some of these commands are not valid.

Trying to understand Http Client

I have tried to construct simple GET request using the Http client(). It is not as easy as the example as given in the library. But I was able to print out the response body of the request. The Http Client () is only good for an instance in a WApplication. It cannot be executed if the WApplication  does not resume rendering. To solve this problem, I decided that I would try to implement WIOService into Http Client, but I was not able to understand the WIOService and how to implement it in the application.

Other than this, I was able to perform a GET request on a website. I wanted to try to perform a GET request to a resource.It is impossible for me before exploring WServer features. But once I have learned the simple feature of WServer, I was able to add the resource to the server and perform a GET request via the url of the resource.

After experimenting on GET I experimented POST which I find it harder than a GET Request. GET is just a request to take everything in the url, but post is different, it is a request to the resource to accept the enclosed data. The problem I am facing is to enclosed the data into the HTTP message. In order to perform a http::Client POST request there are two crucial information to be provided to the Http Client, the Url of the resource and the Http message to be sent. Without these two data, it will not be functional. I am  struggling to perform a post request using Http Client. I tried to perform post with Java but there is still error when converting the data entered by the user in the WLineEdit and WDateEdit to the javascript.

Trying to understand WServer

WServer is quite straight forward when it comes to adding different multiplication into the server, only a few alteration to the previous application code and it can be link to the WServer. It can support multiple application at once. There is just a problem when I try to link the Http client application to the server using the addEntryPoint() method It appeared to have error and i still cant pinpoint the error in my code. I think Http Client application cannot be link to the server by this method and I think I would need to include the WIOService into the WServer. After i have added a resource to the server, i decided to try to perform a GET request from my homepage application, I was able to perform a GET request using the resource url and it is  able to print out the responsebody() of the request or print out the statuscode() of my request if it fails to perform a GET request.

Besides I have also discover that server have session feature which i think it will be very useful in tracking the stage where user is at and be able to divide the server into discrete segments. I spent most of my time experimenting a POST request and was not able to experiment on this, I will experiment on this in next week.




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