Finally , I have received my first project ever which is to generate the back end part of our digital certificate web application. My first feature of it is the generation of digital certificate. The process of making it is rather easy as it is rather common thing on Google. However, since we would like to make the application automated for a better user experience, the automation of inputting the subject of the certificate is a rather tricky one as the subject input of certificate comes inside the command instead of being modified outside the command line. So, I am thinking of automating the process programatically through c++’s OpenSSL library due to its ability of more specified customization rather then only through command line. The other idea of solving it is by using the Wt Keyboard Modifier Event to solve it tough this ideas seem less workable to me.

For my other task of listing out the certificate files, my solution for it was by creating it was by having the user to input the extension of the file to search for the certificate which they want, As it is being initialize, the files in the directory would be iterated to search for the extension of the file wanted in order to list down the certificate file wanted. I would like to improve this further by automating it to search every folder by the recursion method.

The other two parts of revoking and renewing certificates are rather tedious ones even though I only had to use command lines to initiate them. For revoking them, I do find it odd that the command line stated that it the revoke action wasn’t in directory even though the version installed is a rather new one while there were examples given online which were to be functional. I do believe that I may have yet to properly initiate revoking certificate through command line. So, I am considering of studying the C++ library of OpenSSL to understand these methods in a more fundamental manner.

Currently, I do still have a lot of question but I will try to solve them as fast as possible in me in the given time frame.




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