this week was a very frustrating one, full of mysteries and brain teasers…

I spent the first few days trying to get the compiler to compile some error code,and get the error message . The challenge was without using shell commands. This lasted for a day or more before I figured it out, but at the end I ended up using shell commands as the code I produce was very risky and may crush the my application.

After that , I showed my code to dr.Shawn who was so upset and disappointed because of the weakness and the simplicity of my syntax. As a result, he made me spend the next 2 days reading c tutorials all over again. I addmitt it was very boring and annoying, so I tried to fiinish them as fast as possible just to resum work on my code. I just wanted to see my project moving forward!

By the end of the day, I ended up with half working code with a very presisting meaningless bug, I couldn’t go arround and very annoyed boss whose going to kill me the very next day of writing this blog. And to top it all I have no idea how to proceed…

Anyway , I would only say may tomorrow be a better one 🙂

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