I started my 6th week at Aeste by re-studying the beaglebone-6502 project done by matt porter of Texas Instruments. The reason my supervisor asked me to look back to this project was because it is simple and gives a good view of how remoteproc framework can be used. After studying this project, I was asked to do a small presentation of the remoteproc framework while using the beaglebone-6502 project as an example to my colleagues here so that everybody knows what I’m currently doing at Aeste, and also to give them an idea of how my project will relate to theirs.

My presentation went quite well I supposed although there were lots of rooms for improvement. My supervisor said that I should Improve the way I deliver because I’d gone too technical and my colleagues were starting to lose the grip. I also need to improve my presentation timing because it was a bit too long and I could easily lose my audience if I go beyond 20 minutes! It was nevertheless a good experience for me because I got to speak out and share my project with other people. I’ve always liked the idea of sharing technical ideas and knowledge between people. The presentation gave me a boost in confidence too because I’m not the type who loves to speak in front of a crowd!

Other than the small presentation, I’ve also started to write a fake driver to emulate a remote processor. Currently the driver is in a very early stage and couldn’t work properly yet. For now, I can allocate a remoteproc handle but can’t register it to the framework. further testing is needed to identify the problem. The problem might be because the fake platform device created doesn’t have the required information to make it remoteproc-compatible.


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