Time flies when you’re having fun. Sixth week has come to an end which means I am officially halfway with my internship.

As for the SHA1 let pictures speak for themselves.

And as a proof the results from wikipedia

I also started working on RC4 stream cipher algorithm. It seems pretty easy but I should be careful with such statements after the last time… For now the only issue is how to efficiently manage memory. Encryption of one byte takes 3 reads and 2 writes (plus some logic) and I think the main challenge will be to organize it in a smart way.

From non-work-related things (ok, maybe a little bit related) we were attending a dinner this saturday organized by The Institution of Engineering and Technology in Renaissance Hotel. It was a really nice event, with prestige lecture about cloud computing by Dr. Dzahar Mansor, CTO of Microsoft Malaysia, opportunity to meet people from our field and of course fancy food.

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