This week tasks assigned to me is to continue with git study and Java tutorials. Although I have done with the git tutorial the previous week, I somehow use another half day to refresh some memory on it before I proceed to Java tutorials.

Overall the Java tutorial covers up all necessary theories and sample codes are provided along  for more understanding. To test out sample source codes given by the tutorial, a platform that compatible with Java language called Eclipse is used. Eclipse is a multi-language IDE (integrated development environment) that comprising a base and an extensible plugins system for customizing the environment.

My second task of the week is also involve using Eclipse and so getting myself familiar with Eclipse is necessary. There are quite a number of tutorials so I roughly took about 2 1/2 day to go through all as well as to refresh my scattered memory on Java. As I mentioned on top, my second task is also involve the usage of Eclipse. I need to go through Java Web ToolKit website (JWt) , try out some tutorials (link provided by my supervisor) and finally get a “Hello World” web application working.

JWt is a Java library for developing web applications.  It was suppose to be a very straight-forward task for me as the codes are available in the package library. All I need to do is download the package library and import it to my current Eclipse model following the steps given will do. Instead, too “straight-forward” I am, I follow directly from the  steps given by the link and installed another version of Eclipse that works on JEE perspective and of course bugs occurred once I try to run it. It leaving me puzzled for the whole day struggling to figure out what’s the reason behind.

Finally I get “enlighten” by my supervisor after he pointed out my mistake. Lesson: I should follow his instruction tightly to avoid myself being trapped in my own-made problem. Finally, I got the “Hello World” running using JWt.

To get myself familiar with the final goal/project that is assigned to me, my supervisor explained and give me an overall big picture using the picture as attached below. Basically I have 2 part of tasks needed to complete throughout my whole internship period. One is to create an ISS (Instruction set simulator) that read instruction step by step and another one is an UI (user Interface) that shows user all important information in the front panel on web application.


My next week first task is to find out available Java library that able to read object file format (eg: Elf/S-Record/Intel-Hex). It will give me a great help if I could find one. Else wise, I need to read and translate raw binary file to machine code.

p/s: If you are interested to try out various example available in JWt for web application, you can reach out to the link here.  Have fun!

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