There were over two hundred applicants for our summer internship places this year. There was a stringent screening process and in the end, we have nine interns for the summer.

We have a really good mix of summer interns this year. Our nine interns are working on various aspects of our new product, from chip-design through to web-application development.

In terms of alma maters, we have five of whom are studying at some of the top universities in the world from as far as Canada and as close as Singapore. The rest are studying in the best Malaysian universities.

In terms of nationals, we have two-and-a-half foreigners – half because, jokingly, one is a Malaysian national who grew up abroad. French is actually being spoken in the office.

In terms of gender, we have two young ladies with us this summer. It is not easy to find women who are interested in the kind of work that we do. Achievement unlocked!

For the first time ever, we have actually run out of space in the office and I am being forced to sit on a beanie-stool with my laptop on the coffee-table. I sometimes choose to sit on the floor.

Also, we are currently sharing machines in the office. Good thing that we’ve got plenty of network bandwidth to spare. So, some of the interns are remote working over XDMCP.

They’re all hard at work – having the time of their life (I hope) – building our next product, which will hopefully change the world of systems engineering as we know it today.

Dream big, boys and girls!

PS: post-summer internship spaces are still open for application!

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Savan Vachhani · 2013-07-23 at 17:01

Hello Shawn Tan!

I may be interested in working on I/O processor for the AEMB as a post-summer intern.
As I see through your blog Abdullah from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) has worked on it in the past.

Please get in touch so we can further discuss this.

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