Hi, my name is Radek and I am the new intern in Aeste Works.

The first week has passed during which I was familiarizing myself with the workplace and the task I will be working on over my 3-months-long internship. My job will focus on describing hardware using a strange language that seems to be called Very Log. The language itself seems very primitive and lacks adjectives, so describing anything with it seems to be pretty difficult task but my boss is determined to use this one so I will do my best. After all I have a strong humanities background so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Another difficulty at the beginning was this strange version of Windows with the panel at the top, all the icons on the left side, and Internet Explorer nowhere to be found but I guess you can just get used to it.

As a first assignment I had to make lights on a Zedboard board from Digilent blinking (It doesn’t look very advanced, I seriously doubt if it can support Skyrim). In order to do that I had to go quickly through basics of said Very Log (I should probably buy a pocket dictionary or phrasebook the next time I visit bookstore). I still don’t understand though, why my supervisor was angry when I tried to use Word (actually it’s called LibreOffice Writer here) and told me to use some kind of notepad called Emacs instead. After the code was ready and tested, ISE package from Xilinx took it from there and with my little help somehow managed to force my board to operate as was intended (magic).

So far everything is going well and I have to say I really like Malaysia. I can’t wait to see what the following weeks will bring…


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