This week wasn’t the brightest.

Our tasks from last week has been dragged to this one which is designing a  GPIO and a wishbone interface and a dummy master to drive the GPIO, the later being my task.

It was a cloudy day full of rain and sweat, definitely not the best setting to present your results to your supervisor yet we didn’t heed the warnings of mother nature. The climax was the moment when my supervisor realized that in my HDL code I included simulation commands which can not be synthesized. His first thoughts was to whack me yet sanity has it he struggled to listen to the voice of wisdom inside him and finally decided to settle for a subtler more civilized option; an old-fashioned scold.

They were 20 enlightening minutes that revealed my personal mistakes put me face to face with my true horrible self . In addition, being a generous man as he is my supervisor decided to maximize the benefit and enlighten my co-worker of his personal problems as well as touching on the topic of the whole Gen-Y’s problem of lack of responsibility. I believe that’s what you call a Combo Scold!

Having realized my mistakes I vowed to strictly follow his most sacred commandment: “think in terms of hardware not software” and kept struggling against those thoughts of killing myself to release my supervisor from his misery.

The next day I arrived sensing strange vibes in the air yet not being a superstitious person I Ignored them. I continued struggling to do the simple dummy master until I couldn’t think and decided to go for dinner. Somehow, even though it’s not my regular habit I decided to indulge myself into a meal that would cost me a whole RM10 less a few cents to help me think clearer.

As I went to the office I was starting to feel better especially that I thought I know what’s wrong with my device and as I was attempting to fix it. Suddenly, my supervisor decided to check on my coding. To keep things short the exact same scenario that took place yesterday replayed it self today except that this time it was a solo scold that made me aware more and more of how much I’m a waste of time and money to my supervisor.

Being generous as he is, my supervisor decided to explain how to do the dummy master from scratch and left me with one big question in my head: “WTH couldn’t I do this simple device all by myself?!” and the answer was the content of the just enjoyed scold “Because I didn’t follow the advices of my supervisor!”

At that moment I seriously thought about it I mean I just had a fancy RM10 dinner which I don’t normally had and my existence on this planet seemed to only bring suffering to my supervisor so might as well consider it my last dinner,” be satisfied with my life and release the world from my existence.

Will my story have a happy ending with me overcoming all the obstacles and becoming a successful engineer or will I join the endless line of forgotten losers? I wish I had an answer to those questions.

To be continued …

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Mohamed Mansour · 2013-06-04 at 03:39

Keep up baby and follow ur supervisor in order to succeed in ur career. I am sure u can do much more better than you or ur boss can imagine. Just get the help of God and always remember Him in all ur life.

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