I managed to set up physical layer for ethernet connection after solving the error which came from the .c  file that end with ‘#endif’. I just needed to add an empty line after ‘#endif’ and that solved the problem. When the board was powered up, the LED D8 was blinking, the green LINK LED on J1 was lit and the LCD display showed the TCP Stack version and the IP address in use by the board. These indicated that the board was successfully connected to the network. I used the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client module to obtain the IP address by uncommenting the definition “#define STACK_USE_DHCP_CLIENT” in TCPIP ETH97.h file.

Then, I tested the PingDemo program that implements a simple ICMP (Ping) client. When BUTTON0 was pressed, an ICMP Echo Request (Ping) was sent to the web server. Once the response was received, the round trip time was displayed on the LCD.

I also tested the GenericTCPClient program in order to implement a simple HTTP Client which operates over TCP. When BUTTON1 was pressed, the application opened a TCP connection to desired web page and printed the resulting HTML page through the UART, which could be viewed by the help of hyper terminal Minicom.


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