In order to allow communication between PIC microcontroller and PC, UART communication needs to be set up.  I wrote a program to send data byte from PIC microcontroller to PC which the output was displayed through Minicom, a hyper terminal for linux. At first, the displayed output was gibberish. This was solved by configuring the baud rate in Minicom setting. I was also able to write a program to receive data byte from PC to microcontroller. I modified my previous program, ‘Blinking LED’, so that the data byte acted as a switch to control the blinking LED.

Then, I started to work on the TCPIP Stack. I did some research on the document provided by the Microchip which is Microchip TCP/IP Stack Application Note. The objective is to understand how the TCPIP Stack works. Firstly, I need to initialize the stack components, then enter into infinite program loop which includes “StackTask()” command and “StackApplications()” command. I also tried to learn more about TCPIP Stack by looking into the Demo Application which is also provided by the Microchip. However I kept getting error in compiling the Demo Application.


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