My first week in the company, I was briefed on the project that I need to conduct throughout my internship.  My task is to work on the PICDEM.NET2 development board which uses PIC18F97J60 microcontroller. The objective is to write a program which is able to download file from internet via Ethernet which is to be stored in the SD-Card and then the file can be read from the SD-Card.  Even though my task is just a small part from the entire project (main application) but it is one of the critical part need to be completed.

Before starting the project, I was introduced to the Git, a distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) which has the capability to manage a project. It stores the information in a data structure called a repository to keep the history and work progress.  I also learned about Git Flow.

I took the opportunity to study a lot of things related to the project which include the Ethernet theory of operation and the functionality and configuration of SD-Card. I also studied on the PICDEM.NET 2 development board and PIC18F97J60 family device datasheet.  I need to fully understand on how data is transmitted through internet and how data is read and write in SD-Card.

Then, I learned to use MPLAP X IDE software and MPLAB C18 C compiler. I tested the development board by writing a ‘Blinking LED’ program and it works perfectly. Next, I need to work on the UART.

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