Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. The week started off with a telnet server module. The initial application was provided by microchip, and I tried to run the program. In order to run this application the user has to uncomment STACK_USE_TELNET_SERVER and define AN0String in the main application. Going through the application code further showed that the TCP socket for Telnet was not defined yet, however the socket is already available in TCPIP ETH97.h. After uncommenting the TCP_PURPOSE_TELNET, TCP_ETH_RAM, the program builds perfectly and was programmed into the MCU. The telnet server was then tested through the terminal by running it on telnet port 23.

After the telnet server I moved onto working with the HTTP Server. MICROCHIP provides a demo application in its TCPIP stack for the HTTP server with full MPFS (Multi Path File System) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). It also has functionality for LCD display. Moreover I kept facing difficulty with trying to run the main application as some the compiler kept saying that some files were not found. I was still trying to figure out the problem at the end of the week.


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