These two weeks, my task is writing a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for AVR32. So I need to work on AVR32 along with AVR32 studio and development board.

The AVR32 is 32-bit micro-controller family developed by Atmel. Atmel provides most of the drivers for the on-chip peripherals and on-board components for AVR32. It also provides some third party services like FreeRTOS, light weight IP (LWIP), memory error-correcting code (ECC) as well as JPEG library. All the drivers and services are grouped together to form the ASL (Atmel Software Library). These services are ported to AVR32 architecture already. The users can save their time from porting the services to AVR32 architecture again.

For me, the most exciting part on the development board is the ethernet controller. I wished to play with ethernet port for a long time, but most of the ethernet-ready board or IC are quite expensive. Now, I can play with it without buying it. It is a good chance for me to learn the ethernet and networking stuff.

Besides that, a graphic LCD is also available, but it is quite a pity that it only supports the touch buttons rather than touch screen. This makes me a bit bored when dealing with the Graphic LCD. The most important part is the board come with USB bootloader. Finding a programmer is always a problem when learning a new micro-controller. The board does a great job in this, it simplifies the process to program the AVR32.

With all the features come with the board. It makes the FreeRTOS beginner like me, have a very nice platform to learn the FreeRTOS. The AVR32 really makes the learning process of FreeRTOS become very easy.


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