I was being informed that my blog posts were too technical until a point that it bored the readers. I felt pity for my supervisor, because he needs to read through all my dull blog posts before publishing them. The reason that I prefer to blog technical stuff is that it is has less restriction in terms of grammar, and also fewer vocabulary is needed. All in all, engineers are trained to write technical stuff, right? Since I’m now having internship, it is good for me to learn how to blog about experiences too. Let’s kick start with our story today.

Currently, we have a new intern named Jacky, who has officially started his first day in AESTE. Jacky was briefed with the overall project in AESTE, and he is given some time to decide the project he wants to work on. After the briefing, it was just about lunch time. In our company, besides the farewell lunch that we had on last month, it is our culture also for supervisor to treat welcome lunch for new staff. Well, although I’m not a new staff, I was invited to join the lunch. Since it is my habit to prepare and bring along my lunch to work, so I rejected initially, but after second thought, I decided to join them, because I was just reminded that I didn’t prepare today’s lunch.

Our Muslim intern was not around today, so we decided to have non-halal food, Bak Kut Teh at Restoran Xin Wah, which is located just downstairs of our office. This restaurant was initially located at Queen’s Park, Jalan Shelley, but it has just shifted to Jalan Bayam, because the initial place was bought over by Sunway group for development of Sunway Velocity. It took us less than two minutes to reach the restaurant. It was full house and it was hard to find any empty seats. After settled down, we ordered bak kut teh, signature tau fu, lettuce and a pot of Chinese tea.

Our dishes arrived after a short discussion, and considering the crowd during lunch time, I was pretty amazed with their efficiency. Since I’m not a BKT lover, I could not comment much about it. However, by judging that whole bowl was finished and only the claypot is left, I can concluded that this dish was just fantastic. For me, my favorite dish goes to signature tau fu. It is fried and topped with mincemeat, served along with onion source. This dish alone deserves my second visit. After we finished our meal, we sat and chit chat for a while.

My supervisor, who is also the founder of AESTE, shared his life and working experience with us. He also briefed us the open source business model, which currently practiced in AESTE. We talked since the restaurant was fully packed, until the crowd was slowly gone. After the lunch, we went back to office and resumed our work.

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