Today, looking at all those codes and documentation of LLVM, it really brings a child out of me. I don’t know why, I feel like I want to play with LEGO toys.

When I read todays newspapers report about National Robotics Competition 2011, kids as early as what? 7 years old, get to play with robots. How cool is that? I was born and raised at my grandmother’s house in Kampung Tuman, Marang, Terengganu (don’t look for it, you won’t find it in Google Maps). As a result, I never get to play with LEGO, heck even any toys! That time, my everyday routine was fulled with playing in the jungle, bird-hunting (we use to have our slingshot, in Malay called ‘lastik burung‘ hanging around our neck all the time), fishing, swimming in the river (my house just in front of the river), climbing Rambutan’s tree, and there was one time I built my own small tree house. Oh, we also used to catch catfish in paddy field (yes, bare hand!) when the season come. Truth is, I always envy those cousins of mine whenever they ‘balik kampung‘ and show off their news toys – Dash! Yonkuro cars, LEGO bricks, digimon, pokemon and tamagotchi.

By the time I turn 14, I was sent to Royal Military College for four years. From a kampung boy into a military boy, living in big city Kuala Lumpur, guess what, I was messed up. For four years, the toys I was playing is either M-16 or Steyr AUG assault rifle. There was one time when I was in Multimedia University, multinasional company National Instruments came to give career talk. I attended it not because I want to work there, but merely because the lucky draw prize was a LEGO Robot! Unfortunately, the prize went to someone else and thats how I my LEGO toys went on so far.

Recent days, Aeste is a highly technical company. Peoples here, either staring at the Terminal trying to solve their problem, or staring on the table – trying to solve their problem too. With LEGO’s small figure as office’s keychain, with the boss himself is a regular judge for Malaysia’s FIRST LEGO League, it is really bring my childhood dream. If I have some money, I should definitely buy some toys to put it in here.


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Shawn Tan · 2011-07-30 at 00:18

I was actually a judge for the NRC on Thursday. Man, did the machine from Davidson impress.

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