As what the title say, working here at Aeste is not a weekend project. It is not an internship place where you have a senior engineer, senior staff, or manager that will tell you what to do or guide you. It is not a place where they will give definitive list of tasks for you to finish for the day, you do it, finish it and go back home guilt free.

Here it is all about being independent, its about making your own judgment, decision and organize yourself. Yes, surely you will have the luxury to come to the office anytime you want, leave anytime you want, and wear whatever you like, it is the works that all matters.

If you are working at a big company, yes probably you can brag about it, be proud when your friends asked; “Where do you do your intern?”, then proudly you may tell them, “Oh, Its Intel.” or Plexus, or National Instruments or whatever you may call it. Probably sometimes some senior engineer or supervisor ask you to follow him/her to visit some working sites, enjoy some outstations duty and get a good allowance, and at the end of the day, you came back home feel happy about it and have a good sleep.

Here, the work has become part of your life. Finish work today doesn’t mean you are finished. It is just you taking a break because you know that tomorrow, there are a lot more things to do. No such words as finish or done. When you walk out of the office to your car, to Chan Sow Lin LRT station or (anything if you like), you kept thinking about the works.

“How am I going to solve that problem?”
“What approach should I take?”
“Why it is so hard??”

When these kind of questions comes, just endure the pain, be patient and don’t stop thinking.

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