I am coming towards the end of my internship, but without achieving any of my milestones. I am aware of that. I do not want to end my internship without achieving anything. As described in my previous post, I am porting a MicroBlaze Instruction Set Simulator to simulate AEMB processor’s instruction sets, in accordance to its multi-threaded architecture.

Being left far behind from my original schedule, day and night I tried thinking of a new approach not only to my project, but the fundamental way I approach everything. My old school of approach, although had made me a better engineering student than most of my peers, had failed. My old practices that once brought me far (with reference to the Malaysian universities) is not bringing me anywhere here in AESTE.

I had for sure learned and inspired greatly by the tasks and the environment here. I am impressed with of course the exceptional talent and ability of my supervisor and some of my intern colleagues demonstrated outstanding working spirit. They have a very rare intellectual capability to tackle all sorts of programming challenges.

Quoting The Diamond age (and also AESTE’s core philosophy) “There is an ineffable quality to some technology, described by its creators as concinnituous, or technically sweet, or a nice hack – signs that it was made with great care by one who was not merely motivated but inspired. It is the difference between an engineer and a hacker.” In this context, I, for sure, am not a hacker. But I think I am learning slowly from my supervisor and my other colleagues.

I am seriously running out of time. To be honest, I have only 12 working days left, and I do not even have the most basic AEMB I simulation milestone. My supervisor once said that failure is caused by only two factors, either by laziness or stupidity. I am still learning to avoid having stupid characteristics in terms of getting my work done. But I do not want to be the one who fail because of laziness. This is unforgivable.

If God is able to create the entire existence from nothing in just 7 days, I hope that I am able to recreate/finish the AEMB instruction set simulator from something, with the MicroBlaze instruction set simulator source code as my reference, in less than the 12 days. Compared to God’s work, my work will be much much more doable. I have already a MicroBlaze instruction set simulator source code as my blue print (although it is a faulty one). I will strive to ensure extra features such as the power output is implemented properly.

AESTE is definitely an place for students who do not want to waste their entire internship doing nothing or doing cheap labour’s work.

Come join the fun!!

AESTE is hiring!!

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