In the world of software development, there is always problems. For developers, we may have problems using a certain third party tool, in which maybe it has quite a few bugs or is not configured the way we want it too, because these tools are made by other humans after Read more…

By Gabriel Tan, ago

Coding the REST API

I spent the entire week on coding the REST API. I had always thought that coding REST API is a very difficult task but it turns out that it isn’t really that hard at all once you understand the whole thing. It’s all about dealing with the request and giving Read more…

By Song Lim, ago

JSON Naming Convention

This week, I finished connecting each module to CPU via a customizable switch. I learned the importance of flexibility in design while I was designing the naming convention for different modules and their signal’s name. Other than creating a working design, I make sure the design is elegant and simple. Read more…


Design’s Dependency

This week, I learned the importance of creating a program that is stable without relying on information from other files. This is important when it comes to designing a robust algorithm. Initially, I made a program to extract information from generated Verilog file, so that the naming of pins from Read more…


Almost there..

This week a new millstone for the project release has been created. So we were working on closing our outstanding issues and completing the rest of the left features. Changing the Object-List File Format: Have you experienced the feeling that usually comes to a little kid who likes playing by Read more…



There are a whole bunch of JSON v XML posts out there. So, I will not rehash the various arguments on which is better. However, we needed to select a file format to store configuration information. To make things convenient, we decided to use the Boost::Property_Tree library. So, this is Read more…

By Shawn, ago

Generating JSON Elements

As last week was mainly focused on searching and troubleshooting problems, this week was all about applying these techniques and getting tasks done. As I discussed in the previous post, I used HTTP redirection to load the program. What I added this week, is setting cookies to handle sessions, triggering Read more…