A new adventure

Ever since starting my degree in Mechatronic Engineering, the one thought that has kept me awake at nights was my Final Year Project. Unlike many of my peers, I always believed that your Final Year Project defines who you are as an engineer and your capabilities as well as ambition. Read more…

AEMB ISA, in detail

Finally work on the AEMB is to be continued after a long unjustified break. In previous posts I have touched a bit on the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of AEMB and explained it’s relation with Microblaze ISA. In order to change the threading model of AEMB to coarse grained, I was warned Read more…

Witty Sluggishness

While playing around with low-level Witty, I faced a serious issue of performance. For some reason, one of the operations that we were doing was taking a relatively long (1s) time to complete. This didn’t make sense as the operation itself was not particularly onerous.

Low Level HTTP with Witty

Witty is great for creating complex web applications as it simplifies and automates a lot of the necessary back-end work. However, when all you need is simple HTTP request and response, things need to be modified slightly to have it work correctly. This is what happened when we needed some low-level access to the underlying web server.

LZO Data Compression

While fooling around with the zram Linux kernel module, I learned about the existence of a fast compression/decompression algorithm called LZO. This is a very fast compression and decompression algorithm that does not consume a lot of resources and provides decent compression ratios as benchmarked against other popular algorithms. Looking Read more…

Robo Olympics 2014

We were among the main sponsors of the Robo Olympics 2014 event held at UTAR, which culminated at an exhibit at the KL Science & Engineering Fair. We were really fortunate to be involved in such an event for high school children, teaching them how to build simple robots.