As we are developing a new web application, the question of which framework to use came up. There are many great frameworks around such as cakephp, django, ruby on rails, etc.

However, we ended up settling on Witty for one simple reason – all the people we hire know C/C++ as it is the main development language used in-house. Furthermore, this framework looks extremely powerful as well – able to adapt (live) to a whole range of devices.

Installing the framework was also simple as there are packages for both Debian and Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt-get install witty witty-dev witty-doc witty-examples

Once installed, the Doxygen documentation is available at file:///usr/share/doc/libwt-doc/reference/html/index.html

There are also many useful examples such as the widget gallery, which shows some of the capabilities of the framework.

$ /usr/lib/Wt/examples/widgetgallery/widgetgallery

I’ll just let the following video illustrate the various advantages of Witty.

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