Seems that we’re not the only one stuck in this conundrum. Although mentioning only web-developers, the things mentioned in this blog entry are applicable just as well to our own problems in hiring at AESTE.

Paraphrasing the entry:

Hiring engineers is like simultaneously enduring a flood and a drought. You are overwhelmed with resumes yet struggle mightily to find folks worthy of your team. We seriously consider hiring about 10% of the folks who apply. Those 10% come back for additional rounds, do longer coding tests, etc. Succeeding in the first stage of the hiring process means efficiently separating the wheat from the chaff. As the initial screen for all applicants, I consider it my job to isolate the 10% as quickly as possible.

In our case, the factors are similar as well:

  • Use a code management tool – git preferred;
  • Use Linux – OSX is okay but Windows is a red flag;
  • Reads hacker news, or any other geek friendly news site/blog;
  • Regular blogger – twitter feed, facebook timeline doesn’t count;
  • Able to write code in C/C++ – other languages a plus;
  • Works on personal projects – even Arduino hobbyist type work is fine;
  • Comfortable with the entire computing stack – from apps down to bits;

Now you know.

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