Just read another interesting piece on why it is becoming increasingly more beneficial for people to join startups instead of large corporations. Quoting the main bits of the article:

The Steady Income Myth
In an adequately funded startup company one is guaranteed to have an interesting two year run, constantly learning more and something very valuable to walk away with afterwards regardless of what happens.

The Influence
In a startup you get to directly influence the product you are building. You get to influence the direction the company is going from day one and see how your decision and your actions impact the market from day two.

The Culture
In a startup you get to directly shape what the company DNA will look like. This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s a massive deal. The company culture and people you spend your days working with is what impacts your life the most right after your immediate family.

The Fun
Startups are more fun! They really are and there’s nothing better than waking up every morning knowing you have a place to go which is full of amazing people to have fun with.

Honestly, I don’t understand why the best and brightest like to join large corporations, which are structured to kill creativity and talent. Job security is only useful if you are in a crisis. I hope that more will come to realise this and want to work for a startup such as AESTE.

Aeste is hiring.

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