Witty with Ace and CodeMirror

Our product requires an online code editor. So, we decided to experiment with two of the leading contenders – Ace and CodeMirror. Both of these are open sourced and can be easily integrated with Witty. In fact, we managed the integration is about an hour each.

I’ll skip the details on how to use Ace and CodeMirror as these can be gleaned from their friendly documentation. They’re also both compatible in so many ways.

However, I will try to show how it can be easily integrated with Witty and also some general comments. All we need is to load the Javascript, invoke the appropriate functions with the appropriate DOM object to use as the editor, and set the onChange event trigger.

Branching Deep into AEMB

Unfortunately I am still behind schedule as I invested my time this week to analyse the flow of handling branches in AEMB. I had to do this because while I understand the big picture behind the new threading model, I still can’t see the details of it.

AEMB hand drawn circuits

Unfortunately this week has been the least productive for me. In this post, I will summarize my small progress for this week. More importantly, as the blog title suggests, I will post images of AEMB design that I drew during my analysis. I hope this can make up for my slow progress.