Upgrading Codelite

I use Codelite extensively, for software development. However, the version of Codelite available in the Ubuntu/Debian repositories are a bit old. Our recent upgrade to Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS resulted in a buggy Codelite that keeps crashing. As a result, it was time to upgrade.

Robo Olympics 2014

We were among the main sponsors of the Robo Olympics 2014 event held at UTAR, which culminated at an exhibit at the KL Science & Engineering Fair. We were really fortunate to be involved in such an event for high school children, teaching them how to build simple robots.

Pizza Lunch

My interns decided to order pizza for lunch at the office, yesterday. They managed to convince a pizza place from Bangsar to deliver to Cheras. Kudos!

Cross Compiler

Seems that the instructions to build the GCC cross-compiler that were previously on our wiki were lost when we turned it off. So, just to keep things documented, here are the instructions that successfully compile binutils, newlib and gcc for our platform. Setup some environment variables and un-tar the archives. Read more…

NAS4Free on the RC111

At our office, we use the Acer RC111 as a Network Attached Storage device. It has been running a Debian installation all this while but we felt the need to upgrade it to a proper NAS OS instead. Comparing between NAS4Free or FreeNAS, we went with the former as it Read more…

Our Summer Interns

There were over two hundred applicants for our summer internship places this year. There was a stringent screening process and in the end, we have nine interns for the summer. We have a really good mix of summer interns this year. Our nine interns are working on various aspects of Read more…


NFS4 Client Address

Fixed a major problem with the computers at the office today. We currently have our users authentication handled by LDAP and their home directories stored in an NFS server. This is a pretty typical tried and tested scenario in many places. Things were working fine for a while but for Read more…

New Carpets

Our new carpets were installed yesterday. It took them all of half a day to rip up the old ones and install the new ones. The entire office is now brightly coloured and I hope that means that we’ll be able to work more productively come 2013! PS: There’s but Read more…

New Coat of Paint

Although we’ve only been squatting at our current offices for the last few years, we did not renovate the office when we first moved in as the previous tenant had left an office which was mostly what we wanted anyway. However, with the wear and tear of the last couple Read more…