Although we’ve only been squatting at our current offices for the last few years, we did not renovate the office when we first moved in as the previous tenant had left an office which was mostly what we wanted anyway.

However, with the wear and tear of the last couple of years, it is now time to do a little refurbishment. The month of December is great for such things as nobody is around in the office. So, we’ve ordered a new coat of paint and new carpets.

The new coat of paint has been applied today. It is emulsion white, which is a vast improvement over the previous beige-tinged white. The entire office looks and feels much brighter now, with the lights nicely reflecting off the white surfaces.

We’ve ordered new carpets too – in red-black shades. Those are scheduled to be installed about a week from now, along with a new tempered glass dry-erase board, which is supposed to be mounted on the wall in the meeting/work-bench room.

I think that the new office will be a nicer environment to work in.

PS: We’re planning to buy new furniture in early 2013 too!

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