In preparation for the development of our new products in 2013, we have ordered a couple of FPGA based development boards to aid in our work. Both of these turned out to be Digilent boards – Atlys and Zedboard.

The Atlys will serve as our general purpose development board as it has the necessary I/O devices that we will be integrating into our new product. The Zedboard is going to serve as an experimental platform for future products.

Both of these boards have arrived and have been unboxed. 🙂

Personally, I like the idea of unboxing new hardware, especially FPGA boards as they are all full of potential to be more than they are. I would love to see how our prototypes perform on these FPGA boards as our new product will be Spartan6 based as well.

FPGA are, by definition, a blank slate that can be written upon – to be turned into anything that the designer wishes it to be.

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