I’ve always dubbed the AEMB as the littlest processor that could, after the famous book with an engine. To figure out just how little it is? It occupies less than 20% of the real-estate in the second smallest Spartan6LX9 FPGA.

Slice Logic Utilization:
Number of Slice Registers: 866 out of 11440 7%
Number of Slice LUTs: 1167 out of 5720 20%
Number used as Logic: 1035 out of 5720 18%
Number used as Memory: 132 out of 1440 9%
Number used as RAM: 132

Speed Grade: -3
Minimum period: 9.706ns (Maximum Frequency: 103.030MHz)

In a mid-range Spartan6LX45, it occupies an insignificant amount of on-chip real-estate. There is no doubt that this is the littlest processor that could.

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