The Littlest Processor

I’ve always dubbed the AEMB as the littlest processor that could, after the famous book with an engine. To figure out just how little it is? It occupies less than 20% of the real-estate in the second smallest Spartan6LX9 FPGA.

Slice Logic Utilization:
Number of Slice Registers: 866 out of 11440 7%
Number of Slice LUTs: 1167 out of 5720 20%
Number used as Logic: 1035 out of 5720 18%
Number used as Memory: 132 out of 1440 9%
Number used as RAM: 132

Speed Grade: -3
Minimum period: 9.706ns (Maximum Frequency: 103.030MHz)

In a mid-range Spartan6LX45, it occupies an insignificant amount of on-chip real-estate. There is no doubt that this is the littlest processor that could.

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