I was invited to be a guest judge for the Engineering Fair 2011 at Taylor’s University today. The fair is a showcase for the first year and third year projects of the various engineering students at Taylor’s. After finishing with the judging work, I went around to have a look at the projects personally.

It was a smart thing for them to coincide the Engineering Fair with the Open Day this weekend. As a result, parents and students who are shopping around for a university would get the opportunity to look at some of the student projects on display.

Some of the projects were quite interesting and the students’ enthusiasm for their project was quite evident. Some of the students caught me and I spent some time giving them advice on how to best exploit their time in engineering school. Too bad that they were a bunch of chemical engineering students.

Generally, I get the impression that the students who go to the university seem to be pretty decent. Some of them are actually downright impressive in terms of their personality and character. I would peg them squarely as achievers based on my limited dealing with them.

Unfortunately, I’d learned that the number of electronics engineering students that they have is a rather small one as it is the smallest engineering programme that they have. Thankfully, I have also heard that their numbers are on the increase and this is good news for me as I hope to be able to increase the pool of electronics engineers in Malaysia as a whole.

I do hope to establish more links between AESTE and various local engineering schools. I have close research and student links with two GLC universities and I’m hoping to diversify my pool of universities to include private and public universities next year.

This whole fair actually reminded me of the days when I was the EDX (Engineering Design Exhibition) director at my old alma-mater. It used to be a massive affair for us as we would invite high school students from across the state to come and visit the university.

Those were the carefree days of fun.

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