Our office plans have been upgraded! This is the new layout of the office plan. Compared to the previous one, there are a few changes.

Firstly, the lounge area has been turned into another meeting area. The sofa has been removed. This mini meeting area is particularly suitable for close discussions where people work on a shared piece of paper. There is a TV nearby for presentations. This area is furnished with a small Melltorp (098.682.37) table and Snille (298.750.05) visitor chairs.

Next, half-height Billy (801.800.97) book-cases are added to the reception area. These are used to store administrative documents. It basically replaces a big filing cabinet. There are also a few decorative pots placed on the shelves to spruce up the internal ambiance. The networked printer and scanner is also kept here.

Finally, the work-stations have been improved with the addition of Billy (801.801.01) book cases. Instead of having wall-shelves to keep things, I decided to go all the way and plaster the entire space with 2 metre tall book cases. The shelves are used to as storage for books, files, personal effects and also computers.

I’d just like to highlight that these are plans and the actual office is about two-thirds the way there in terms of the purchased furniture and the layout. We are doing this in stages are our needs grow and the anticipation on seeing it fully furnished is quite fun.

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