AESTE moved out of my home and into its new offices at Queen’s Avenue about a year ago. The renovations were completed and the furniture was installed in stages. Almost all of the furniture comes from IKEA because they sell startup-friendly furniture at a very startup-friendly price. The image above illustrates the office plan. While things are always under construction, there is very little deviation from the original plan. Let’s start with a virtual walk-through of the office.

SweetHome3D rendering

When a person comes in the front door, the reception is on the left with the toilet and pantry straight ahead. This is the lounge area, where guests wait and where staff are to relax. For now, there are Expedit cases for the reception counter and pantry storage. Once we have products to show-off, there will be a Detolf case here. I am still considering whether to get a Kivik or other sofa.

As we walk through the first set of doors, we come into the main work area. This is where all the workstations are located. Even the reception area isn’t really a reception – it’s a work area too. The tables are all Melltorp dining tables with Snille swivel chairs. This combination works out surprisingly well, because the lengths fit the area perfectly, and we can sit 6-8 people comfortably.

The first door to the right of the work area enters the multi-purpose room. This room is fitted with tiled Kludd white-boards and also a television mounted with an Ormo. There is a Dave table for the presentation laptop and a Melltorp table for meetings. This room is meant to be used as a training, meeting, and discussion room. There are some Snille chairs but depending on the function, Nisse folding chairs can be brought in.

The last door to the right of the work area enters the multi-storage room. This room has lots of Gorm shelves for stacking things up. This is also the room holding our servers, routers and other stuff you may find in a server room. I will talk about the computer infrastructure setup and how DD-WRT really shines in a small-office setup. The network setup deserves an entire blog post on its own.

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