Work has started on a the new AEMB2 core processor. This processor is targeted to be EDK6.3 compatible. However, there are a few major changes planned for the release of the E63 core. There is a great amount of both hardware and software work involved. Therefore, this release will take much longer than previous releases have taken.

The following are a few new hardware features to look forward to.

  • Data Cache – A compulsory data cache will be added. Initially, it will work in a write-through mode while later versions will support write-back operations.
  • Hardware Exception – Exception handling support will be added to the AEMB2.
  • Independent Threads – The inter-locked threads of the existing AEMB2 will be dislocated so that one thread does not block the operation of the next thread.

The following are a few software additions to look forward to.

  • Compiler – Since the AEMB2 hardware is significantly different from the original, there are plans to port the LLVM and CLANG compiler over so that we have some control over compiler code generation.
  • Operating System – There has been some basic success in running Linux on the AEMB2. Some work will be put into further development of this feature.

The work has started but there is no official release timeline planned for the moment. Please watch this space for future updates.

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