Here I am, on the third day of my internship at AESTE, typing away my thoughts and recollections from the past half-week. In the background, the whirring of the air-conditioning and fan accompanies Jason Mraz and James Morrison as they Read more…

By philipzloh, ago

Yick Hong: Introductions

I’m a final year student from Multimedia University (MMU), currently pursuing¬†Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronics. As for my first post in AESTE’s blog, I’m sharing my experiences on job application to AESTE, and the work progress thus far. The Read more…

By cyberglory, ago

Clustering Icarus Verilog

Icarus Verilog is a popular open-source digital circuit simulator distributed as part of gEDA. While it is a fast simulator, it runs largely single-threaded and does not exploit the modern developments in computing. Depending on the complexity of the circuit Read more…

By Shawn, ago